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Monday, January 7, 2013

Stupid Insurances II

After a first-of-the-year apocalypse rant (new insurance cards and long wait times) last week, I thought I'd follow up with a thank you. Thank you to all of our patients who were prepared and had their new insurance cards ready when dropping off their prescriptions. Thank you to those customers who were extremely patient during longer than normal, and longer than expected, wait times. Thank you for helping us out by calling your insurance if numbers were missing or incorrect or your new cards did not arrive as expected. Thank you for not freaking out if I was the first to tell you you should have new insurance. All of this leads me to...
I hate insurance companies. Truly hate them. I have another post about their idiocy prepared, but I'm going with this today. Why? Last week was the first time in a number of years where a large number of new insurance cards patients presented, had the WRONG information on them. I'm not talking about a missing person code or misspelled patient name. I am talking about cards that had the wrong ID# AND wrong RXGRP # AND wrong PCN, on the same card. What's funny is when we processed them, the insurance started kicking them back with "resubmit with correct numbers..." and the reject would list them. This was fine except those numbers were wrong too. What's the point of sending out new cards with new information only to have it all be wrong?
It's like moving. You fill out a change of address form at the post office and put a house number to a street to a town to a state to a zip code that don't exist in any combination. Simply put, it's like me giving you a made up date of birth for myself. How am I supposed to make that work?
The cards are supposed to contain all the information I need to properly bill for the patients' prescriptions. If that information is wrong, what's the point? Just give me the 1-800 number I need to call to get everything for you. If insurances want to save money, kill the cards. That way I can justify employing one person to simply man the phones all day making calls tracking down whatever I need to bill them properly.
It's okay. As everyone plainly understood last week, we had nothing better to do than spend hours on hold, repeating our store information, that already comes up on their caller ID system, and being endlessly transferred, to get information that a correct card would have contained. It's not as if the insurances themselves hadn't made the cards and sent them out a month ago. It's not as if it's their billing information they're putting on their cards then sending to their customers. Idiots.

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