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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Conversation with myself

Me: Why do you hate your job?
CP: I don't hate my job.
Me: You complain about it a lot.
CP: No. I complain about the profession and the people.
Me: But you have to work with people. How's that work?
CP: Works out fine. It's not those people I complain about.
Me: Explain.
CP: You go to a movie or a theater. Signs and announcements are omnipresent. No cell phone use. No calls. No texting. Hundreds of people obey this. However, there is always someone who will blithely ignore the rules much to the detriment of my enjoyment of the production.
Me: So there's a correlation here?
CP: Of course. We can post all the signs we want. We can explain the rules to everyone. We can tell them exactly what we need and people will ignore it all. (Notice I did not say ALL people.)
Me: So people are only after themselves? Ignorant of what society demands as socially acceptable behaviour?
CP: Indeed. It is no more obvious anywhere than retail settings. Where a profession and the public collide in a retail setting where we each have certain expectations of the other, despite the constraints of one party's laws, there is going to be friction. It is a worst-case scenario just waiting to be played out. On the Silver Screen. Or a TV miniseries. Which I will watch. And someone's phone will go off. Thus bringing my reality and my nightmare together, having completed the perfect circle.

Me: But what about the profession part of it?
CP: My profession, at least the retail portion of it, is a money-hungry whore that cares nothing for the patients/guests/customers/ whatever they choose to call them other than dollar signs.
Me: Seriously? Then why do it?
CP: Because that's who I am. I care. I hate the system, but I love the people. I am the best at what I do. I am. My patients (and they are MY patients) deserve the best care despite the system being set up to fail them. So every day, with a big smile on my face, I get to work early, skip lunch, skip the potty breaks, stay late, and do everything I can to help MY patients.
Me: So you say "Love the Player. Hate the Game"?
CP: Exactly. Like "The X-Files", the truth is out there. I am just telling it here. Perhaps corporate or Congressional America will hear it. Perhaps. Either way, I have a job to do every single day that despite Customer Service metrics, Auto-Refill quotas, Compliance calls, and other corporate "business-building" ideas, I will do better than anyone else. That is my goal.
For those who question my, or any pharmacists' dedication, I invite you to go back and read this entire page. Then hit "Like" and stick around.
If not, I can only offer you this insight: "All you know about me's what I sold you (MJK-tool)".

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