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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I hear everything in my store. I am always on the alert for someone abusing my techs or for someone trying to flex their lone brain cell. This is probably our biggest pet peeve...

Every Impatient Customer: All you do is put pills in a bottle.
CP: Really? Shows you what you know.
EIC: It is. I see you.
CP: Well, you must be rather slow on your processing speed there, slick.
EIC: Come again?
CP: Point proven, but I digress.
EIC: Que?
CP: <in best 6 year old taunting voice> Ha! I also have to find the bottle. Uh-huh. Then I have to OPEN the bottle. That requires a tricky, 2-step process: I have to push down AND turn...at the same time! Then I have to take pills OUT of the bottle. I mean, seriously, where else would I get them to just put them in a bottle? See, I have to take something out in order to put something in.
EIC: You're a dick.
CP: While that also has to be taken out first, it doesn't get put into bottles. Unless you're compensating for something. Then I can give you a brand-name Synthroid bottle to try.

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