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Monday, December 17, 2012

Little (Pharmacy) Drummer Boy

Come, they told me, to your pharmacy.
E-Scripts would be ready, or so they told me.
I do not understand what's taking so long.
I just left their office and now I am here, waiting for you, give me my drugs.

Sir, sit down right there, we'll have it ready, when it is done.

Have you been here? we asked him knowing.
I have before, he said, his temper growing.
Insurance cards I need? Oh what do you mean?
They told me four dollars and one should be free, aren't your drugs free, won't you help me?

Prior Auth we need, your doctor we'll call, will you wait?

Office was called, and now we can fill
The meds for you kind sir, staring at me still.
We did our best for you, thankful you should be.
Home to your wife now run, for holiday fun, my job here's done, thanks now I'm done.

Then he smiled at me, the nice little man, Cialis in hand.

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