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Friday, December 21, 2012

Everything's Free

Get your FREE stuff at the pharmacy.
People love to get free shit. Always. Doesn't matter if they need it, could use it, or even know what it is, as long as it's FREE, they gotta have it. If everyone else is going to get free shit, sign me up for mine too or life just isn't fair.
New stores open and give out free samples as enticements. It's usually coffee or ice cream or baked goods. I've never thought of going to a pharmacy for free shit just because it's free.
"Free Antibiotics!" "Free Diabetes medications!" advertised all over the country.
"Free Advair (*with prescription)" and many other manufacturer gimmicks abound, all with that "*" restriction.

Look, the rules still apply. You still need a prescription for anything you normally need a prescription to receive. You can't get a FREE oil change if you don't have a car. I am still amazed, though I really shouldn't be, by the number of people who walk in to the store, or lazily glide into the drive-thru, and expect us to just hand them free shit.
Lazy Douche: "It says free diabetes medications?"
Me: Yes. You can read. And?
LD: I want some of it.
Me: Do you have a prescription?
LD: Doesn't say nothing about that.
Me: It does, actually. And I retract my first statement. Do you have diabetes?
LD: No. It just says "free" and I want some while I can get it.

I wonder if people are shopping online for Christmas presents and when they see "Free Shipping", I wonder if they just order that. Without buying anything else?

Customer: Now how do I just order the free shipping? That'll be just perfect to put in her stocking. I'll also sign her up for a free estimate on new windows. Best Christmas yet if I can get her the Metformins too.

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