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Thursday, December 13, 2012

E-rxs, Lost in Transit

I see a lot of complaints about the he said/she said that goes on regarding lost e-scripts. Aside from accidentally deleting one, it's pretty difficult for us to lose an e-script. With patients standing at my counter, huffing and puffing, or on the phone with their doctor, I have a procedure that has yet to fail me. Or prove me wrong.
Huffy Patient: My doctor said he sent it hours ago.
Me: Ok. Where did he send it?
HP: Here, of course. This is where I told him to send it. You people do this to me all the time.
Me: Did you ask him what fax number he used? (This is for missing faxes that usually go elsewhere.)
HP: No. That's your job.
Me: But you just had him on the phone. How can you be certain he sent it to me?
HP: He said he did.
Me: Fine. Allow me to call him.

Office Lady: What now?
Me: HP says you sent his prescription over via fax or e-escript.
OL: We did. At 11:17 this morning. It says so right here.
Me: Where did you send it?
   Option #1
OL: We told him we sent it to ABC Drug.
Me: Awesome. You do know that I am XYZ Pharmacy, right?
   Option #2
OL: We sent it to you. You are XYZ Pharmacy, right?
Me: I am. Now can you verify my information as to where you sent it? Since I obviously do not have it, there must be a problem on my end. I get tons of e-scripts and faxes from other offices all day and would like to figure out if I have to call my people to fix it.
OL: Let me check this next screen. Wait. Oh. It says right here "FAILED". I guess that's why you didn't get it. Let me resend it.
Me: Just give me a verbal. I can't trust you now.

Why are there two screens? Why does the first always say it was sent, but the second screen is the one that tells them "failed"? So far, I am batting 100% when I ask them to check the confirmation screen after they tell patients they sent it. They even give them an exact time it was sent. Great. Your office may have hit "enter", but it does not mean it "sent".

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