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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

For those of us who work today, keep one thing in mind. Today is the last day you get to hear "Just fill everything I have a refill on that's in my profile whether or not I've taken it or am still on it from last January" for the next year.
For tonight ushers in a new beginning. A new set of favorite quotes, if you will, starting tomorrow.
"What do you mean my insurance changed?"
"What do you mean I have a deductible?"
"What do you mean my copays went up a whole dollar?"
"Why don't you accept my insurance anymore?" (We do, but just because your copays went up, doesn't mean we don't accept it...)
"I didn't pay that much here last month!"
"Why isn't my prescription covered here anymore? It was last year!"
"It was covered when I went to ABC pharmacy last year."
"No, they didn't send me a new card."
"A new card? Oh. It looked the same so I left it on my kitchen table."

Customers may forget what happened a year ago when the insurance clocks reset. Pharmacists never do. Patients may hate the hassle of dealing with their one insurance. Pharmacists have to deal with thousands of different ones, weekly. We are all in the same boat and all have a common goal-figuring it out so we know what to expect the next time we see this particular card and figuring it out so we can explain it to you so you understand it going forward. It's what we do. Patients receive Explanations of Benefits usually around December. Few read them. Fewer understand them. Simply put: New Year, New Rules. Everything changes January 1st.
Remember the "Warning-Peak Times Ahead" Post from last week? This is where we need the digital board that reminds everyone "New Insurances Ahead. Expect Delays".

Good Luck this holiday and Happy New Year!

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