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Friday, December 14, 2012

Insurance Cards-The Bad

The flip side to patients not having their insurance cards is patients having too many insurance cards. Please, at some point, go through your billfold and chuck the old cards. Seriously. You only need to keep the most current card. If they issue you a new card, like most insurances do at the beginning of the year, it is meant to replace the old one, the now obsolete one. To replace means to remove the old one, throw it away, and place the new one in its predecessor's warm comfy home.
How many do we carry now just for ourselves? We have a medical card, prescription card, dental card, vision card, then the same ones for the spouse and each of the children. Throw in a few discount cards just for fun while you're at it. Keep the cards for the last 5 years and you could play Pinochle with them. The worst part is when they dump a casino's daily supply of cards on your counter and say "here you go. you figure out which is correct". How about "NO"? I am not employed by the show "Hoarders" to help you organize your wallet. It's your insurance. You figure it out.
It's December. New cards are arriving this month. Don't ignore them because they are not Christmas cards. Take this opportunity to clean house. If a new card arrives, hold it, caress it, love it and squeeze it and call it George. But please put it in your wallet only after clearing out the debris from the Clinton administration. This way, when we ask if you have new insurance, you can stand up proud, chest thrust out, and in a loud, booming voice for all to hear, proclaim "why yes! Yes I do!"

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