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Monday, May 16, 2022

What Does It Mean?

CP: Did you ever wonder how people get through their days without seriously injuring themselves or others? 
CPP: Only with every interaction I have at the pharmacy. It's exhausting. 
CP: And hard on the neck. 
CPP: Huh?
CP: Phrom all the times I have to turn my head like a dog; like you just did when you looked at me and went "huh?". 
CPP: Right. What is today's topic?
CP: Questions. 
CPP: As in there are no stupid questions, only stupid people?
CP: Indeed. Why do I lock my car when I park it anywhere?
CPP: To keep people out? 
CP: Why do I lock my house? 
CPP: To keep people out?
CP: What is the point of a lock?
CPP: To keep people out. Where is this going?
CP: #StupidQuestionOfTheDay brought to you by Adults Asking Really Dumb Vacuous And Redundant Questions (AARDVARQ)
AARDVARQ: Why is the men's room locked?
CP: To keep people out? I don't know. Did you try to ask the person inside why he locked it? What purposes do locks serve where you come phrom? Do you ask these questions at home when the bathroom door is locked? Or at other people's houses? ("Hey Timmy, why is your door locked?" TIMMY!)
AARDVARQ: So should I knock? Or wait? 
CP: Dude. #WhyAreYouTheWayYouAre? #GTFO

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