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Friday, May 13, 2022


Only: And no one or nothing more besides; solely.
No more than (implying that more was expected); merely.
MICE ELF: We hates the word "just".
ME: Hates it, we do. 
CP: I have a new one phor you: It's "only" a word. 
MICE ELF: What's to dislike about only?
CP: It's only just like just, only it's just a word. 
ME: Enigmatically unhelpful. 
MICE ELF: Just get to the point. 
CP: Here is yesterday's conversation:

Pt: I need to drop this off. 
CP: Are you going to wait or come back?
Pt: Well it's only 4 caps so I don't have to come back; I'll be around. 
CP: Good. Not sure what the "only 4 caps" has to do with your decision but I'll have it ready in 15 minutes regardless. 

ME: So your knickers are knotted because she used "only" as a synonym for "just" as a means to trivialise the job we have to perform?
MICE ELF: Your bloomers are bunched over "only" a word?
CP: Yes. 
ME & MICE ELF: Makes sense. 
CP: Counting to 4 capsules is not, has never been, and likely never will be the rate-limiting step in the equation that is philling your prescriptions. Phor people to diminish our job by use of the words "only" or "just" is phrustrating. 
ME: Well it is a perception that we fostered; or at least the big chains nurtured with their fast-food approach to a healthcare "profession".
MICE ELF: That's like saying that, in order to perform my oil change, the technician has to "only pull a plug". 
CP: Precisely. Don't minimise my job because you do not understand it.


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