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Thursday, May 5, 2022


CP: CP's Draught Kings, How may I help you?
PT: Do you have any 12-hour Sudafed products?
CP: We do not. 
PT: Generic Claritin-D 12hr?
CP: They are on backorder; have been for over a month now. I can offer you some of the 4-hr as a consolation.
PT: Can I get a box of those?
CP: Sure thing. 
<finishes transaction>
PT: When do you expect to get more?
CP: I expect them tomorrow.
PT: Really?
CP: Yes. I expect them every day, only to be crushed anew by the lack of supply in the day's order. Like Penelope, I expect every day will bring that which has been lost to me. I fear 12-hr pseudoephedrine products will return in the same timeline as Odysseus. 
PT: I'm not up on my mythology. 
CP: Well you can read all about it in the time you spend waiting for 12-hour pseudoephedrine products to return to my shelves. 

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