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Monday, January 31, 2022

I Don't Wanna Hold Your Hand II

CPP: I enjoyed yesterday's post. 
CP: It's amazing how much hand holding we have to do today. 
CPP: I have one phor you. 
CP: Let's have it. 
CPP: You know how we know people who don't understand checking accounts?
CP: Like the one woman who believed, as long as she had checks in the checkbook, she could keep writing checks, regardless of if there actually was money in the account?
CPP: Yes. You'll enjoy this one. 

Dependent On Insulin: Why am I out of insulin?
CPP: You used it all. 
DOI: But I still have tips left. 
CPP: Okay. The tips are used to administer the insulin. They are the tube that gets it from the insulin pen into your skin. 
DOI: That's not how it works. 
CPP: Yes. It most certainly is. 
DOI: No. The insulin is in the tip. It's always been in the tip. 
CPP: Then why do you keep the insulin box in the fridge and the box of tips on the counter?
DOI: I use the PODS now. 
CPP: Okay. The PODS. You mean the ones that you inject your insulin into prior to sticking the PODS on your skin?
DOI: Yes. 
CPP: Okay. Depending on how much insulin you calculate you need, PODS and the insulin may not finish together. 
CP: Just like most couples. 
CPP: <shh>
DOI: I still have PODS left but no insulin! You shorted me somewhere. Where is my insulin?
CPP: In the box. If you've been using insulin pens this many years, and now switched to the PODS, how did you think the insulin was in the pen tips and not the box labeled insulin?
DOI: That's the part that goes into my skin. The pen doesn't go into my skin. 
CPP: The ink of a pen is not in the tip either. It is literally "just the tip". 
DOI: That makes no sense.

CP: I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it phor you. 
CPP: That's like explaining how a straw works. 
CP: Yeah. The glass is just there for visual aesthetics. The milkshake is in the straw.

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