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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Under My Tongue

Under my tongue
Dissolve a tab for your ills
Under my tongue
Dissolve the films or even pills
Sublingual those
Convenience of the dose you chose
Ease of use, dissolving's fun
It's under my tongue
And ain't this the best way? 

Under my tongue
Can't resist when you can't swallow today
Under my tongue
There is just no easier way 

Goes down easy, yes it does
No need to drink just swallow now goes down easy 
My meds are phun
It's under my tongue 
I, I, say that's the way

Under my tongue
A delicious taste of a pill 
Under my tongue
It's the sweetest, yeah, dose it's a thrill

Goes down easy
The way it melts in your mouth it so 
Goes down easy, my dose is phun
It's under my tongue
I'll take the easy way
Goes down easy, oh yeah
No way I swallow the tabs no more
Down easy, that way is dumb
It's under my tongue
Yeah, just let it melt

Under my tongue
Won't choke on solid dosage phorms
Under my tongue, and I 
I can see why this dose was born

Goes down easy, yeah, that's she said 
The way it melts like it's s'posed to do 
Down easy, this dose is phun
It's under my tongue.

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