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Friday, August 20, 2021

Booster Shots

With the announcement that pharmacies (and everyone else) will be administering COVID booster shots soon. . . 

Kick 'em when they're up
Kick 'em when they're down

The Giant Deuce salivating and rubbing their hands (read:genitals) over this news.
Number 1: How do we stretch our staff even further and put patients' lives at risk under the guise of "helping patients live better lives"?
Number 2: Decrease staffing as we enter Pharmacy Winter.
Number 1: Always.
Number 2: Push flu shots at the expense of workflow and safety precautions.
Number 1: Duh.
Number 2: Announce that we will be administering more COVID vaccines and we will be adding staff to help?
Number 1: Huh?
Number 2: Just checking if you're awake. Further decrease staff, add daily conference calls to distract pharmacists and staff about the need to push flu and COVID shots, give them a goal or slogan of "FLU PLUS 2!"
Number 1: Catchy. How about "COVID and Flu and Shingrix, oh my!"? Also, can we work them until they have panic attacks and die behind the counter?
Number 2: That's next on the list.
Number 1: Think anyone will notice?
Number 2: Nope. Pharmacy staff are the worker bees. They die for us to survive.
Number 1: And make bank!
Number 2: No one cares about the profession. Nurses got all the press in 2020. Newspapers tried to bring attention to Pharmacies before we quashed the shit out of those reports.
Number 1: Give them pizza!

Oh. Yeah. Boosters. Good idea.
They work for all types of vaccines that mutate or whose effects wane over time.
Good idea, this. 
But if we know it's coming, why aren't we staffing NOW!
I say the day they announce as the first date shots are available, we all walk out. 
No shots. 
No shifts. 
No shit. 
Someone has to pay attention to us then.

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