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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Whom To Believe

CP: What is it I always say about Pharmacists and the Profession?
CPP: We are the Rodney Dangerfields of Healthcare? #NoRespect.
CP: That's it. 
CPP: Why do you ask? 
CP: I'm going to paint you this scenario. Close your eyes and count to phuck. 
CPP: <closes eyes>
<scene; Friday, 2pm> 

Apparently Understanding Statements I'm Making:  I need to know if you can order this medication. No one seems to carry it or be able to get it. 
CP: Sure. Let's take a look at what they wrote. <epiphany> AHA!
AUSIM: What? Can you get it?
CP: No. Not quite sure why this ER provider decided to go off-book, but the reason no one can find this particular C-II is that it doesn't exist. 
AUSIM: What do you mean? 
CP: She decided she wanted to make up a C-II liquid that does not, and has never existed. 
AUSIM: Why did she do that?
CP: An excellent question. A better question would be why didn't the other pharmacies tell you this instead of just saying "we don't have it but we can get it next week"?
AUSIM: That's exactly what they said. 
CP: I wish I could call on this but, because it is a C-II, there are 3 things I cannot change via verbal order: Patient Name, Prescriber Name, and Drug Name. Since I would have to completely change the Drug Name to a product that actually exists, I cannot call for a legal change. You will have to take this back to the ER, and have them rewrite the prescription. I attached a post-it with what I carry and what most other pharmacies should have in stock on a Friday. 
AUSIM: Got it! Oh, golly, thank you so much! 
CP: Happy to help. 

<1/2 hour later>
AUSIM: I called the ER and they said that if you call them, they can change it verbally. 
CP: Is that what they said? How dear. Should I explain to you again how that is not a legal solution to the problem they created?
AUSIM: But they said. . . 
CP: So, after helping you solve your problem after multiple failed attempts at other pharmacies, you choose now to not believe me? After the ER provider completely made up a drug and sent your loved one home in pain on a Friday afternoon, you still choose to believe them over me? 
AUSIM: Well they said. . . 
CP: And they are wrong. They are lazy. They don't want to see you face-to-face to own up to their mistake and confront your ire. Make them own it. You go down there and tell them that, not only did they screw up your initial prescription, but they had the nerve to pass off the mistake as someone else's problem to fix. 
AUSIM: Well, they said. . . 
CP: You don't have to believe what I am telling you in order for it to still be true. 

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