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Friday, May 21, 2021

It's You. Definitely You

CP: Thank you phor calling CP's Pharmacy of Phantasmagoria. How may I help you?
She Accepts That All News Should Take An Interesting Novel Twist: You keep messing with my meds. 
CP: And how are we doing that?
SATANS TAINT: You did not refill one of them. 
CP: Well your prescriber didn't send it to us.We requested refills every other day for a week and the office never responded. 
SATANS TAINT: I have serious health issues and you keep messing with my medications. 
CP: Perhaps you should call the office yourself if your health is so important to you. You probably shouldn't leave such important concerns up to your pharmacist. 
SATANS TAINT: That's your job. I don't get my refills, you do. 
CP: Do I, though? Have you thought about going to the prescriber yourself? 
CP: Go see your prescriber. Ask her to send in your refills. 
SATANS TAINT: Last time I was there, she said she did. I watched her send it. 
CP: What did you actually see though? Were you looking over her shoulder? 
CP: Then all you saw was the back of her monitor. She could have been flirting with her nurse or reading my posts and commenting. You should call her and ask why she'd rather read my stuff than send your prescriptions. 
SATANS TAINT: This is ridiculous.
CP: I agree. I can't believe you're still arguing with me. This is phun.
SATANS TAINT: I have serious health issues! She knows that. 
CP: I see. Currently I have serious car issues but I'm not going to the mechanic. I'm going to show them who's boss!
SATANS TAINT: How is that going to work?
CP: No clue. It seems to work for you. I just thought I'd try it out myself. I guess when my brakes go, or I drop my transmission on the freeway and crash into oncoming traffic, flip my car 17 times and am ejected, that'll show them it was their phault for not making sure my car was safe without me ever seeing them. 
SATANS TAINT: I don't understand why you can't get it. 
CP: I wanna make some babies, but I can't get it up. 
SATANS TAINT: You're a weird pharmacist.
CP: Agreed. I'm going to take my car to the shop now. I suggest you do the same. 


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