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Friday, May 21, 2021

One Direction

ME: Before people think this is a musical reference, to what are you referring by the title? 
CP: How shit rolls. 
MICE ELF: Down hill. Or one direction. Got it. 
ME: Please give us an example of how people always blame the pharmacy. 
CP: It's not just the pharmacy. It's more the person closest to them; the person who may have no responsibility for the current situation. 
MICE ELF: More a shoot-the-messenger situation? 
CP: Right you are, Ken!
ME: What happened recently?
CP: This exchange:

Rather Unusually Speedy Hurried Diva: I'm dropping this off. 
UT: And when would you like to return?
RUSHD: I will be back at 4:17pm. (leaves)
UT: Delightful. <begins processing> CP, should I call on the date written? It's missing. 
CP: Sure. While you're at it, you can tell them that since the provider didn't sign the Ritalin script, they can rewrite it, sign it, and date it for when the patient returns. 
UT: Oof. She won't be happy. 

UT: <rings RUSHD> Ms. RUSHD? The provider didn't sign the prescription you left with me earlier. 
RUSHD: Can't you call them?
UT: I can, but there are 3 things I cannot change via verbal order: patient name, drug name, doctor name. This includes adding a signature. 
RUSHD: Why didn't you tell me while I was there? 
UT: Well signatures are generally the last thing we look at as we are typing the prescription and since you seem to be in such a hurry, we don't generally look at the entire prescription. It really was unlikely that it would be unsigned. 
RUSHD: This is ridiculous!
UT: I agree. But keep in mind that I was not the one who forgot to sign it. I was not the one who forgot to date it. I was not the one responsible for your current inconvenience. 
<RUSHD returns>
RUSHD: This place is absurd! I can't believe. . . 
CP: <puts finger to RUSHD's lips> Shhhhhhhh. Please make sure that you breathe. Now hold it. Now carry that with you back to the office where you may then unleash all the vitriol you are attempting to spray on us. We expect others to perform their jobs so that we may do ours. Do you yell at the drywall guys when the electricians have failed to show up first to your job site?
RUSHD: But. . . 
CP: <puts finger to RUSHD's lips> Shhhhhh. Don't ruin this moment. I want to remember us just like this. 
RUSHD: <confused look> But. . . 
CP: <presses finger to RUSHD's lips again> Shhhhh. I will always remember this. I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave. 
RUSHD: <backs away with confused look, whispers> what just happened?
UT: Well that went differently than expected. 
CP: Just wait until she snaps out of it on his way to the office. 
UT: They're going to get an earful. 
CP: Better them than us. 
UT: You know people won't believe we had yesterday's and today's happen in the same week. 
CP: As I said yesterday, you don't have to believe what I am telling you in order for it to still be true.

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