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Sunday, May 16, 2021

I'm Like, So Inconvenienced

ME: What's got your panties in a bunch today, CP?
MYSELF: Or your knickers in a knot?
CP: People, and the death of humanity. After several years in retail pharmacy, I have realised how the human race will die.
ME: Wow. Deep Thoughts, by CP.
MYSELF: Okay. What will cause the ruination of society as we know it?
CP: The Drive-Thru.
ME: Oh this should be good.
CP: I believe that, should we experience a cataclysmic event, drone footage will show long lines of vehicles at drive-thrus across the country. People would rather sit in the lines, and die, than be forced to enter a store.
MYSELF: Okay. I have to ask. What prompted this? Aside from years of experience with people?
CP: This interaction:

  Bitching About Drive Thru Acting Completely Obstinate: I. AM. VERY. UNHAPPY!
  CP: Okay. May I ask why?
  BADTACO: Your drive thru was blocked.
  CP: Yes. Once a week. For my delivery. Usually lasts about 30 minutes.
  BADTACO: I had to bring my kids inside.
  CP: Oh bother. Did you though?
  BADTACO: I will have to find a new pharmacy.
  CP: One that doesn't need shipments of drugs?
  BADTACO: <scoffs>

ME: Okay. Maybe it was an emergency? Her kids were sick? You know, all the reasons the pharmacy drive thru actually exists? Maybe you're just being an ass?
CP: I thought of that. Except she was picking up something that had been filled for days. It's not my fault she chose to pop by during my delivery. She also could have returned. What about the people who see the delivery truck parked in my drive thru or the entrance blocked with cones due to construction and are just plain enterprising, yet lazy enough, to BACK into my drive-thru; or worse yet, pull in from the exit with a passenger, expecting to then back out of line?
MYSELF: Wouldn't be so bad were it not completely true.
ME: It's true. I've seen it firsthand.
CP: People act so inconvenienced when their conveniences are somehow, albeit temporarily, less than convenient.
ME: Like babies with pacifiers?
MYSELF: <drops binky, starts crying>

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