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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

You Lost Me

CPP: What's new?
CP: Boss Lady came in to discuss a complaint she received about me.
CPP: How'd that go?
CP: She said I need to "not focus on the 1% of people who complain, but remember that 95% of people are good".
CPP: Where are the other 4%?
CP: No clue. But I told her that while only 1% may complain formally, to the point it reaches her desk, she doesn't have to deal with the dozens of people per day who verbally abuse us and complain vociferously to our faces.
CPP: We can't control that our companies have horrible images in the public eye; that they are viewed as evil. 
CP: It's to the point that cable and phone customer service used to be. Everyone knew they sucked; it was a constant joke. The employees couldn't help the company's public reputation. They had to deal with it. 
CPP: Exactly. Except no one is begging them to fix it. Why do I sense there is more to this story/
CP: Because I didn't exactly take this comment lying down. I literally called her a hypocrite. 
CPP: I need to know how you still have employment. 
CP: Here's the rest of the story:

Boss Lady Says Hilarious Things: We had a complaint about the drive-thru. 
CP: People like to stay in their cars. 
BLSHT: He said you told him Lane 1 was for COVID testing only. 
CP: True. It is. I wouldn't want to use that for general pickups for my family members. 
BLSHT: You can't do that anymore. 
CP: But the signs you brought to us months ago literally read: Lane 1-COVID testing only. All other services use Lane 2. 
BLSHT: I'll be taking that with me. 
CP: Riddle me this, Batman. If one, singular complaint over the previous 7 months of testing is resulting in this wholesale change of my workflow, can I hire more people?
BLSHT: No. Why?
CP: Because of the hundreds of complaints that we are too slow, too far behind, don't wait on people fast enough, never have anything ready, don't answer our phones, and never have anything ready when they want it. Hundreds of complaints and people yelling at us. I figured if we are going to change policy for one lazy bastard, we may as well make real change where it counts-for the literal hundreds of patients that hate us. 
BLSHT: That's not what I meant. 
CP: Bullshit. You're a hypocrite. You just finished telling me I should "not focus on the 1%" because the rest are good, wholesome folk. Then, when I ask why you changed my workflow for one bastard who cried like a bitch because he left the long line only to find himself in the COVID-only line you have the nerve to tell me his complaint matters more than the rest? What's the point of me reviewing my metrics and customer service scores if I can't change anything? I can't man enough windows to make people happy when you handcuff me with 3 employees. We can't answer all the phones and count prescriptions. I can print you 100 of these complaints from just the last two months. If 95 people complained we don't have enough staff, can I schedule more people since 1 person got you to change my workflow?
BLSHT: You're missing the point. 
CP: No. I see the point clearly. You are no longer allowed to come here and complain about what I do and how I run my store. I will schedule what I need and run it how I want. I am the one getting yelled at by patients and I'm done now. But you are still a hypocrite. You could give me more help. You could take my side when patients complain or ask what happened. You don't. You're not a pharmacist and if I walked out right now you wouldn't know what to do and you could deal with the yelling 1 percenters. 
CPP: How are you still here?
CP: She has no one better and she knows it.

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