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Monday, March 22, 2021

Ask Siri

ME: "Siri, what is 30 days from today?"
Siri: Find a calendar. 
MICE ELF: She told you. 
ME: What? I learned that from a floater one day.
CP: Who couldn't use a calendar, or his brain to figure out 30 days from today?
ME: No. Maybe. 
MICE ELF: How long have you been calculating days? 
ME: <shrugs>
CP: Since you were a wee tyke, trying to figure out how many days until your birthday or Christmas most likely. 
ME: I guess so. 
CP: And did you look at a calendar first, then progress to doing the math in your head?
ME: I guess. 
CP: And you're still not sure what 30 days is from today? Or how to calculate it without asking Siri?
MICE ELF: I prefer Alexa. 
CP: Initial fill date, 1/1/21. The last day they will have medication is 1/30. With me so far? 
ME: That was easy. 
CP: This makes the fill date 1/31/21. Understand why? 
ME: <shrugs, shakes head side to side> yeeeesss???
CP: A day early would be the 30th. Why?
MICE ELF: Because the patient would still have a dose left for the 30th and they would start the new Rx on the 31st. 
CP: Correct. This also means that 2 days early would be the 29th. 
ME: So when should we fill something 30 days from today?
CP: Hey, Siri. What's 30 days from today, 3/12/21?
Siri: "Sunday, the 11th of April, 2021". 
ME: Why is she British? And what's the point of the maths today? 
CP: Did anyone else watch the Netflix series "Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer"?
MICE ELF: You know we did. You were there. 
CP: They messed up the dates. 
ME: Yeah. I caught that. Took me right out of the series in the first episose. 
MICE ELF: How could they do that? 
ME: Did you notice the errors of the first dates shown? 
CP: If Day 2 was March 18th, then Day 1 would have been March 17th, yes?
CP: Following. . .
Day 1 = March 17th
Day 2 = March 18th ✅
Day 3 = March 19th
Day 4 = March 20th
Day 5 = March 21st
Day 6 = March 22nd
Day 7 = March 23rd
Day 8 = March 24th
Day 9 = March 25th
Day 10=March 26th ❌
ME: Yeah. Something's not right. 
CP: Apparently they hired a pharmacy patient to calculate the days supply of this investigation.
I could just hear someone in the room shouting "but February only had 28 DAYS!"

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