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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Everyone's Time Is Valuable

UT: Can I close the drive-thru? 
CP: No. We have 4 minutes till close. 
UT: <turns head> Now we have 2 cars. 
CP: Okay. As long as they are picking up, you can get to both in 4 minutes. 
UT: It's 7:00 and now there are 2 more cars after this one. 
CP: <walks over, pulls shade, closes drawer> Closed. 
UT: He's not going to be happy. 
CP: We close at 7:00. It's Saturday. What have you been doing all day that you couldn't get to the pharmacy until closing time? Bars have a last call. Restaurants have a final order time. 
UT: We're going to hear about this tomorrow.
CP: Yeah, but I bet he won't show up until after 2pm. 

<Sunday, 14:33>
Dude In Kia: I was in line last night and someone closed the blinds and the drive-thru. Is that how you treat all your customers?
CP: No. Just the ones who arrive after we close. If you had been sitting in our parking lot and waited until 7pm to walk up to our doors, you would have found them locked.
DIK: I was in line. 
CP: Other places with lines do not stay open until everyone has been served. Unfortunately, I do not employ a person who can run out with a sign and place it in front of the last car we are able to serve. I cannot stop people from getting in my line. I have to draw the line somewhere. I draw it at 7pm. 
DIK: There was another car behind me. 
CP: Precisely. If people see cars in line, they assume they can continue to join. People don't care they arrive after the posted closing time. They're selfish. Besides, McDonald's stops serving breakfast at 10:30am. 
DIK: Not if you're in line. 
CP: Yes. If you're in the line and arrive to the speaker after 10:30, they do not allow you to order breakfast. They, like me, don't necessarily know you are there, or when you arrived. Perhaps you should have gone inside instead. 
DIK: So you're comparing yourself to McDonald's?
CP: I have made the analogy before and people do like to compare us; and it looks as if you spend a lot of time in their, and others' drive-thrus so I figured you'd get the analogy. 
DIK: I didn't come here to get insulted. 
CP: And I didn't come to work last night to stay late. And you shouldn't have complained that we closed the pharmacy while you were in line. You shouldn't have waited until we closed to leave your house to pick up your medication that you so desperately needed. If your meds aren't a priority for you, they aren't for me either. If they were really important, you would have been first in line this morning, maybe even arriving before we opened; or at least arriving during any of our 11 other operating hours yesterday.
DIK: I'm transferring. 
CP: Don't flirt with me by making promises you can't keep <sniffles>. See you next time.


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