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Monday, January 11, 2021

What Work Do You Do?

CPP: If our budgets are based on work that needs done, why do they only reference prescriptions filled?
CP: Because pharmacies fill prescriptions. 
CPP: Then why are we always behind?
CP: We have too many workers filling prescriptions. 
CPP: Said no one. Ever. 
CP: Well that's what Boss Lady said last time I asked. You want to hear that convo?
CPP: Sure. 

BL: Why are you so far behind?
CP: This is actually good. For some reason, the accountants on the 13th floor of "What-The-Phuck-Do-We-Know-About-Tech-Schedules" decided I only needed one tech for today. 
BL: Yet you have 4. 
CP: Nice observation. We like to count by 5's here in the pharmacy so nice work. 
BL: So you're telling me you're over-scheduled and getting further behind. 
CP: Do you like birds?
BL: Yes. 
CP: Do you like Gladiator movies?
BL: Huh?
CP: Birds. When you bird-watch, you have to sit and observe them. You can't just look around and cry "there's one! and there's one, and there's one! I saw some, let's go get chili".
BL: Where are you going with this?
CP: Observe and Report. Watch and Learn. One tech at drive-thru. One tech at the register. One tech at drop-off. One tech doing COVID tests. 
BL: I see that. 
CP: Who is counting my prescriptions?
BL: No one. 
CP: Who is answering my phone?
BL: No one. 
CP: A girl has no name. 
BL: What?
CP: Shooting for a high score in references. Anyway, you asked me earlier why we were behind THEN you proceeded to ask why I wasn't completing my outdates, shining your pumps, and waxing that chin. I thought it was pretty obvious yet you proved me wrong. I was trying to point out the fallacy that is our schedule and your comment was "you're overscheduled yet you are behind". There is a disconnect here and I can no longer respect you. As if that eye makeup weren't enough. 
BL: Well I never. 
CP: And that's the problem. You never did my job. You never took the time to understand what we do. You never hugged me. 

CPP: You okay?
CP: All good. 
CPP: So your long, belabored point was that there is more to our jobs than lick, stick, count, pour?
CP: Basically. Every one of my staff were involved in tasks yet more tasks were demanding their attention. Only one of those techs was actively involved in filling a prescription. Could you imagine if I had allowed the stock schedule to be approved? One tech and I would never be able to accomplish all of this work.
CPP: Seriously. How out of touch does she have to be to not notice or see her surroundings? 
CP: Peaky Blinders. 
CPP: Thuggish Ruggish?
CP: Now let's ask everyone what jobs are you required to do that do NOT involve filling (typing, 3rd party rejects, counting, labeling, bagging, selling the Rx) prescriptions?
-outdates, returns-to-stock, cycle counts, selling non-rx merchandise, answering phones (what types of calls do you answer?), answering random walk-up questions (what questions arise most often?), unlocking the bathroom, et al.

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