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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

A Change Is Gonna Come

CPP: What's your favourite interaction in the month of January? 
CP: All insurance changes. 
CPP: Give me a short example. 

Thinking She's Always Right Is Needlessly Annoying: I am here to pick up my prescription. 
CP: Didn't I see you yesterday? 
TSARINA: Yes. When I dropped off my prescription. 
CP: And I asked you if you had any changes in insurance since the beginning of the year? 
CP: And you said nothing changed? 
TSARINA: Nothing changed.
CP: May I see the new and old cards?
TSARINA: The only thing that's different is the group number. So nothing changed. 
CP: Did you change your hair since yesterday? 
CP: But you were blonde yesterday. Now it's black and pink. 
TSARINA: I changed the colour but not the cut. 
CP: I think you need to learn the definition of "change"; see "make different, alter". 
TSARINA: But it's the same cut. 
CP: I'm going to change your pharmacy for you. You can still use the same chain, but you will now pick up at the location across town since they're the same. 

CPP: If it's different, how is it the same?
CP: Another example of, how do people survive in the rest of the world if this is how they act in the pharmacy? At least in the US. 
CPP: If we were wild animals, these people would have been eaten by their parents at birth. 

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