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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Silly Stuff People Say...

1. "They called and said my prescriptions are ready to pick up and I can't come in until tomorrow."
CP: Okay. And who might you be? Because you're our only patient. Anyway, I'm busy tomorrow. Can you make it the day after the day before tomorrow instead?

2. "I'm having a drug test tomorrow. I hope I pass."
CP: Did you study?
(This was from a person who had never used illicit substances but truly was afraid of not passing.)

3. "I'll be back sometime before you close."
CP: Good, because after we close makes no sense...unless you're planning on robbing us. That's a good time for that.

4. "I need a refill on my white capsule. It's 100 megatons."
CP: That's heavy, Doc.

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