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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Drug Combos

In an effort to fully embrace our fast food mentality and expedite workflow, we need to learn from the restaurant business. We need to have catchy names for some of the most common prescription combinations. This way our data entry technicians, or those in charge of the drop off window, can shout: "Ordering! One Whiz-Bang* and a Dental Double**" to the line cook, er, filling station technician.

*Whiz-Bang=Cipro 500 and Flagyl 500
**Dental Double=Amoxil 500 and Norco 5mg
Steeler Special=Macrobid and Pyridium
Johnny-on-the-pot=Golytely and Dulcolax
Jump Around=Z-Pak and Medrol Dosepak (pack it up, pack it in...)

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