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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I'm on Vacation

I hear everything. I have to be on high alert. It's just how my brain works. It helps if I need to jump in on an interaction with a belligerent patient at pickup. It also helps when my technicians may be asked questions to which I know the answers, like if we have something in stock. Anyway, on this particular occasion, I was lurking behind the wall, cramming a donut into my maw while simultaneously thumbing through my fantasy football lineups. I overheard a patient, Runs-With-Scissors, asking my technician if we would sell syringes to her over the counter. I was obliged to help this poor, unfortunate soul until I rounded the corner and walked into the conversation.

RWS: I am trying to buy syringes for my insulin.
CP: Okay. What brings you here today?
RWS: I'm on vacation from Iowa.
CP: Uh-huh.
(aside to my tech: "she does realise we are currently in Iowa, right?")
Uber-Tech: (whispers to CP: "I don't think so.")
CP: Where do you usually fill your prescriptions?
RWS: Hometown Pharmacy.
CP: Which insulin do you use?
RWS: (smiling, like she was waiting for this question, she proudly answers) PORK!
CP: Okay. Well, they haven't made that insulin since 2006 but there is a Hometown Pharmacy just down the tracks a bit. Perhaps they could look up your information from your home in faraway Iowa. RWS: So you can't help me?
CP: No. I believe that to be an impossible task at the present time.

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