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Thursday, October 22, 2015

More Pharmacy Phun With Words

As I've oft written, I rarely miss an opportunity to have some phun with my staff, phamily, or patients. This is especially true with regards to questions and grammar. A previous lesson involved the questions of time.
Do you know what time it is? is a Yes/No question. Note, I did not ask for the time. I may have simply been nosy inquiring if you knew. I may also have espied you checking your watch and wanted to test your recall. Either way, the correct answer is either Yes or No.

For today's example, I draw upon the conversation I had earlier this week.
CP: Top O' the Morning to You!
Telephone Inquirer Making Exaggerated Requests: And Good Day to you.
CP: How may I help you on this brilliant day?
TIMER: I was hoping to get a phlu shot today.
CP: Most definitely. No better way to spend an autumn day than getting shot.
TIMER: That's what I was thinking.
CP: When would you like to visit our establishment?
TIMER: Well, that's the reason I am calling. I'd hate to be a bother during your busy day.
CP: No worries. We are always busy but we are also quite accommodating.
TIMER: "When are you the least busy?" (The real question)
CP: "When we are closed." (The real answer)
TIMER: Phunny.
CP: I thought so. Did you want to know times when we are less busy?
TIMER: I suppose that would make more sense. Rather difficult to get prescriptions and shots while you are closed, eh?
CP: Indeed.

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