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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Flu Shot Phun

1. Wear a Kevlar cutting glove on your non-shooting hand. Tell the patient it's to protect your hand because the last time someone came in with arms this small, you had a through-and-through and stabbed yourself. (Yes, I know you can stab through these. They won't know that.)

2. Tell your students, especially those who've not yet experienced hitting bone, that when they do, they need to request a curved needle so they can go around this weird obstruction they found. 

3. When you hit bone, pull out a little, redirect your aim, hit it again, then tell the patient: "There's something in here. I can't get the needle around it. What's wrong with your arm?"

4. Attach a mini laser pointer to your syringe. When the patient asks what it is, tell them it's your laser sight.

5. Attach dart flights to your syringes. Grab a red Sharpie and draw circles on the patient's arm. Have the patient stand against the wall.