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Thursday, September 25, 2014

We Just Can't Win

I realise it has only been 9 short months since the changes were made to all Hydrocodone/APAP products that limited them to containing no more than 325mg of Acetaminophen.
I realise doctors can't learn anything new such as drug/strength combinations that have been around for a long time. (This is actually OUR fault. We always call and fix it for them. But I digress...)

Doctor wrote a prescription for Vicodin 5/325. Since we are not allowed to assume which part is correct, we are required to call.
CP: Which did you want? The VICODIN name which is 5/300 or the NORCO which is 5/325?
Dr. I Can't Know New Things: I wanted the 5/300.
CP: Super-dee-duper. Thank you kindly.

As I process it, the insurance rejects as a non-formulary, non-preferred drug. Great.

CP: I need to get this changed to the 5/325.
DICKN'T: Why didn't you tell me that before?
CP: I don't know formularies and copays until I run it. Since I did not, at the time of my initial phone call, have a valid Rx to run to the insurance, I was not privy to that information. Besides, who are you to talk? You didn't even know the correct drug/strength combination you prescribed. After 9 months you should have been able to figure that out by now. Women grow and birth babies in less time than it takes you to learn how to write a prescription...which is your actual job.

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