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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


One of the more difficult conversations to have with a patient is about the "salt form" of their medications. It is tricky when one pharmacy puts the salt suffix on the label while another does not. Another problem occurs when one manufacturer's name gets truncated by the computer. It makes for some rather interesting inquiries.

"What do you mean it has a salt in it? I'm on a salt-free diet."
"What is H-C-I anyway?" (That's a lower case "L". It's Hydrochloride.)
"Last time my label said 'Metoprolol Tart. Now it says Succ.' Why does it say suck? I want the 'tarts' not the 'succs'."
"It says Ferrous Sulf. I'm allergic to Sulfa. Is that the same?"
"Can I take Calcium Citrate if I'm not allowed to eat grapefruit? It's a citrus."
"Salts? Like Bath Salts? I don't want that."

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