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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

If the Real World Worked As People Believe Pharmacy Does...III

Bottle of white. Bottle of red. Perhaps a bottle of rose instead...I'll meet you any time you want, in our Italian restaurant...
Restaurant Host: How may I help you this evening?
CP: I am here to pick up a pizza that should have been ordered earlier.
RH: For what name?
CP: Pharmacist...Cynical Pharmacist.
RH: Charming. I am sorry, but I do not see an order for that name. What is your phone number?
CP: We have 7 phone numbers at the house. It could be any of these.
RH: Nope. I am sorry but we have not received an order yet.
CP: Can you check the voicemail?
RH: We don't have voicemail. We answer all our calls. 
CP: How about the fax or the computer? 
RH: Who uses a fax anymore? And our online order system is empty. 
CP: Can you check again?
RH: It is not here. There are the completed carryouts and to-go orders being made.
CP: How long is it going to take?
RH: For what?
CP: To make my order?
RH: I have to receive it first and as I've OVERstated, that has not happened.
CP: Can you tell me when they will call it in?
RH: Who?
CP: My family! They were supposed to call earlier. I just left home and they said it would be ready when I got here!
RH: You want ME to tell YOU when I think YOUR family will call in YOUR order?
CP: Yes! This logic works at my pharmacy for some reason.

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