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Friday, September 5, 2014

Professional Services

Since we may, at some point, eventually, possibly, conceivably be considered to be actual health care providers, I think we should be able to bill as such.
The groundwork is already set.
In order to provide immunizations, we have to have an NPI number. This is how insurances pay the person who provided the care. Let's start here.
I fully believe in pharmacists providing immunizations as part of their professional practice. However, I also believe in at-will participation. Companies have forced everyone to be certified. Not really an issue now since every graduate for the last decade is certified. I used to teach the certification classes. I had pharmacists refer their patients to my store because they didn't want to mess with them. Fine. The company only cared that they were certified; not if they actually administered any vaccinations.
Let's make it a law that pharmacists can bill for these services using their NPI numbers. Here's how it works.
A flu shot costs the pharmacy about $9 a dose. (Throw in the average Rx cost withOUT medication of $10.00 and the total cost to dispense and administer is $19.00 per shot.) They charge around $25-$35 per shot. Why? Because that's what Medicare will pay them for it. Who gets the profits? Not the pharmacist who administers the shot.
What if a store has 4 pharmacists and only 2 choose to give shots and always defer to the others? What if floaters never want to administer them while floating? Simple, those who administer get more money. Those who don't, don't. Just because a company made everyone go through training, doesn't mean everyone does the work in practice. It means those who do not want to give shots have no obligation to do so.
If you don't want to give shots, you are happy because someone else will.
If you want to give them, you will get paid for them.
The company is happy because they are still making money off of them.
Those who wish to do more (off-site clinics, working with the local Departments of Health, etc) can have more recognition and compensation for their efforts.

It's the same with MTMs. Companies like to tell us how much money WE can earn THEM with MTMs. "Your store can realise $2452.79 if you were to complete all of these." Yes. The STORE can realise that, but I cannot. I need to be able to put in my NPI when billing flu shots and MTMs and receive the money for them.
If you want your employees to make more money for YOU, you need to share with them since they are, you know, doing the actual work.

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