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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

One Bottle Does Not Equal One Bottle

I know this will seem far-fetched but I got into an argument with a doctor over an error on her e-rx.
If she had only taken my phone call instead of relying on the phone tree to answer my question this would have been an easy fix. Instead I had to resort to telling the secretary who yelled, often incorrectly, to the nurse in the background who yelled to the doctor who yelled back to the nurse, back to the receptionist then into my ear.

Here was the problem: Rx was written for Zyrtec Syrup. Dispense one bottle.
Great. We get this in pints because Medicaid covers it. I'm pretty sure she did not want to give the patient a pint. I asked for clarification on the definition of "one bottle".

Doctor Obvious: I wrote for one bottle. Just give them one bottle.
CP: Bottles come in different sizes. We get pints. This bottle would last for 96 days at your current directions. Is this really what you want?
DO: I want just one bottle.
CP: I can give the patient anywhere from a 1 oz bottle up to a 16 ounce bottle. You have to pick one.
DO: Why are you making this so difficult? Just give one bottle.
CP: Why can't you figure out how to use your e-script software and select a quantity? If you wrote for Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg tablets to dispense "one bottle" would you expect me to just give them my 1000 count stock bottle?
DO: That's different. (actual quote)
CP: HOW? How is that any different?
DO: We've had problems with you before.
CP: Go ahead and say it. I know it's coming...
DO: (and CP, in head) You're the only pharmacist that ever calls on this, blah, blah, blah.
CP: Yep. I guess I like my license. Tell you what. Figure out how to use your software or the next e-rx that comes over like this will just get sent to the Medical and Pharmacy Boards.
DO: 4 ounces! <click>

Yet in everyone's eyes, I was being the asshole. All she had to do was give me a quantity. That would be the same as her writing an Antibiotic Rx for 10ml twice a day, dispense QS without the duration. I would still have to call...and she would probably tell me "one bottle!" without understanding what she did wrong.
It is our job to fix your problems.
It is our job to fix your errors.
It is our job to save your ass.
I'm not asking for a "thank you".
Just don't go all "Vicious Twat" on me.

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