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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

(That's Not?) What You Heard

Sometimes I feel as though I am jumping in to the middle of a story. It's as if the patient has been talking before you picked up the phone and you just happened to catch the end of it. You have no idea of the plot so you're a little confused by what you hear. As you wait patiently for an explanation or a question, or something to alert you it's your turn to talk, there is an uncomfortable silence while you try to process the limited information you were provided.

To wit:
Quirky Caller: "My dog ate my box and he's looking at me like he didn't do anything."
CP: Um. Bad dog?

<thoughts in head>
1. Why are you telling me about your box and that you let your dog eat it?
2. Which box is it?
3. Is it birth control? Patches?
4. Do you need me to refill something?
5. Is there more to this story?
6. Diaphragm?
7. I hate when that happens?
8. Good Dog?

CP: Okay. And how may I help you today?
QC: I need a new one.
CP: Okay. I'll look that up and fill it for you. Anything else today?
QC: Nope. That's all I need filled.

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