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Monday, December 2, 2013

Like Sands through the Hourglass...

It is often the perception, or rather, misperception, of something that leads to trouble. Many a war, fight, spat, or hurt feeling have been caused by some perceived slight. Why? Someone's perception is often far different from the truth.
Take time for example. When you are on hold with a company or business, the wait seems interminable. For the actual employee, the time seems to fly by and feels as though it were only seconds. Physically waiting in a line however, one should expect a truer estimate of time. Most people have a watch, a phone, or some other means (watching other people flow through the queue) to gauge the passage of time. It does not matter. The wait time in the pharmacy is an hour. Just ask this guy.

Patient Tech:Your prescription is ready.
This Guy: It's about time. I've been waiting over an hour for it!
<He pays, then leaves in a huff.>

This occurred as I walked in for the start of my shift. I actually walked past the counter as the interaction was commencing.

My shift started at 10am.
I walked in at 9:48am.
We opened at 9am.
His Rx was sent electronically at 9:31am.
We started to process it at 9:32am.
The other pharmacist checked it at 9:47am.
TG was rung out at 9:48am.

As I said: Perception.
Does the waiting time really count if you arrive before a business opens? No. Just because you lined up outside a Best Buy in October for Black Friday sales does not mean you can yell at the business for the wait or the conditions of your wait. Even if the prescription had been waiting when we opened and it took the same 15 minutes to process, he would have complained about the wait.

It is funny that PT walked over to me after I hung up my coat and said "Glad you didn't hear what TG just said". She knew he would not have been able to get away with that had I heard him.

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