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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

No Valid Rx Received

Doctors hate our phone calls. They hate that we call to clarify everything.
Doctors love that we call them to clarify everything. If we did not, their prescriptions wouldn't make sense and we save their asses and the patients have no idea we deserve all the credit. By virtue of us calling on all their mistakes, we are actually enabling them to not learn from them. They are like toddlers. Let the child put a fork in the outlet one time. Next time, he won't do it. He learned.
In order to practice tough love on the prescribers who refuse to learn their systems, I have decided to implement the following practice at my pharmacy.
Simple. Delete the electronic prescription. Print it first. Fax it to the doctor asking for corrections then delete it. Retain the confirmation fax with the hard copy and delete the electronic copy. If the new one is not corrected, repeat the process. When the patients arrive, politely tell them:

"I am sorry. We have not received any VALID prescriptions for you today. Here are the copies of the communications to your prescriber. I will let you use my phone if you wish to call and berate him yourself for his ineptitude. Perhaps you can get him to answer his messages and double check his prescriptions prior to sending them."

When the office calls and starts to yell at you with "We sent this over 11 times. I have confirmation right here it went out at 11:02, 11:27,..." you can politely interrupt her and explain that yes, you did in fact receive something from them at those times, but you did not receive any VALID prescriptions. All you got were incomplete messages you tried to validate but nothing quite resembling an actual prescription. "However, since I finally have you on the phone, could I trouble you for a verbal order?" I get the patient to work on his prescription and the office to call me...the way nature intended.  

I am your whore.
Let me tell you something, baby.
You love me for everything you hate me for.

I say no more.

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