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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Peak Season

It would be like Valentine's Day with no chocolate or flowers.
It would be like the start of the NFL season with no Wilson Footballs.
It would be like the Fourth of July with no Fireworks.

Could you imagine if, at the busiest time of year for each of these products, the manufacturers suddenly experienced a shortage? That they actually could not anticipate the need for their services? There would be rioting in the streets. Okay, less rioting and more whining, but you get the picture.

You have one job. You have one product to make. You have one time of year when that product will be prescribed. You have ads on TV promoting your product. Why is it that, one week after filling my first prescription for Tamiflu, it is on manufacturer backorder? It is unavailable? Manufacturer is limiting supply?

Tamiflu is prescribed for the flu. Flu season in North America runs anywhere from October to April but usually starts late December and peaks around February. This is the third consecutive year with a shortage this early. Never mind that for a few years before that we had to compound the suspension because they couldn't figure out the demand there either.

If you don't make your product you can't sell it. If you don't sell your product you can't make money. You suck #tamiflu and I hate you...but I need you...

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