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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

The Most Annoying Two Words

CPP: What are the two most annoying words, when combined into a sentence?
CP: Excuse me. 
CPP: You're excused. 
CP: Thanks. 
CPP: Why are these the worst words in all of spoken language, particularly as they apply to retail?
CP: It's like people who turn on their turn signal whilst simultaneously darting into your lane. Expectations. 
CPP: As long as they "signal" their intentions, that they are about to move, then they can be excused any repercussions for their incivilities?
CP: Precisely. You're beginning to sound like me. 
CPP: If only people knew. What makes this phrase so annoying?
CP: People wield it like a machete to create a clearing, a spot where they can insinuate themselves into whatever you are currently doing. 
CPP: People just seem to believe we should spend every second we are behind the bench just standing at one of the windows, hands folded fastidiously on the formica, awaiting the next living face; as if we have nothing else to do. 
CP: Apparently that's it. One "Excuse me" is okay, so long as you've attempted eye contact or made your presence known {usually annoyingly loudly (keys or cough, anyone?)} but any more without comment phrom me is irritating. 
CPP: I mean, it's as if we couldn't be doing our actual job back here. 
CP: Much as I don't have to stop counting or doing anything else to answer a ringing telephone, I don't have to look up to acknowledge your "excuse me"instantly. 
CPP: I heard you. Honest I did. Some stores have convex mirrors at their counters to see patients. Much like the Na'vi, I saw you. Seriously. You're not John Cena. But repeating your "excuse me" will not endear you to me. It shows you're impatient and will not likely take my advice anyway. 
CP: I'm counting. I'm on the phone with a doctor or office or patient with a medication question. I'm typing a new prescription or checking a new prescription or who cares what I'm doing but interrupting me to ask your stupid question or to even pick up or drop off when you've been here before is selfish and rude. 
CPP: And stay at one window. 
CP: YES! THIS! When I see you at drop off, finish what I'm doing, then walk down there, you are now at pick up. Unless you realised an initial mistake, stay put; don't go down there and scream "excuse me" and hit that counter because I wasn't quick enough phor you at the phirst stop. 
CPP: The only thing worse than this is hitting drop off, shouting "excuse me", moving to pick up, shouting "excuse me" then standing in the middle of my pharmacy, jumping up and shouting "excuse me" because you assume I either didn't hear you, I somehow missed your antics, or I'm purposefully ignoring your buffoonery. 
CP: Remember the post I wrote about how distractions are dangerous phor pharmacists?
CPP: Yes. You said imagine trying to read a new book whilst sitting at the penultimate seat to the toilets in a crowded pub on derby day and being expected to pass a quiz on what you've read. You'd have to keep rereading the same paragraph and likely would retain nothing. 
CP: How much of a distraction are these twats? Wait. Your. Effing. Turn. 

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