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Friday, January 6, 2023

The Most Elusive Concept In Retail

MICE ELF: What's phloggin' your noggin this mornin'?
CP: I believe we are too accustomed to everything always being readily available whenever we want/need it. 
ME: Grocery stores started the trend and Amazon evolved it. 
MICE ELF: What brought this about (asked knowingly after yesterday's twitter tirades)?
CP: Out of stocks. I posted how products were unavailable and, after repeated exaplanations, phrom multiple sources, patients still believe it is a pharmacy conspiracy to not provide them with their needed medications. 
MICE ELF: Do share phor those who don't phollow on the twitter. 

PT: My dad is looking for Magnesium Citrate; are these (holds bottle of MagOx 400mg tabs) the same thing? 
CP: No. The citrate is the liquid for Rapid Bowel Evacuation. It was withdrawn phrom the US market in July. 
PT: So is this everywhere, or just here? 
CP: What does "withdrawn phrom the market in the US" mean to you? It was pulled phrom the shelves. It is no more. It has ceased to be. 

MICE ELF: It would be nice if GI groups would read this and get the memo so they quit sending patients to us, who usually show up at 5pm the day before their procedures with an Rx they've had phor months, to get this. Phind an alternative. It's been 6 months! 

ME: Wow. What's your other case?

PT: I'm looking for children's Tylenol or Motrin. I can't find them anywhere and I've been all over. 
CP: They are on backorder. However, I was phortunate enough to receive a few 8 ounce bottles of Ibuprofen OTC this week. 
PT: Hmm. I wanted brand. 
CP: Hmm. Then good luck. You either need it or you don't. Beggars can't be choosers. 

ME: My phave is when they say "well why does your competitor across the street have it? 
MICE ELF: This is more true with products that are just starting to go on backorder or, that are not as common. 
CP: My answer is this. Have you ever run out of butter? Or flour? Or sugar? Or cornstarch? 
MICE ELF and ME: Yes. 
CP: Let's suppose you don't bake. Like ever. You hear there is a shortage of these staples and no store has any for months. If someone asked you if you have these items, you'd say "yes", right?
MICE ELF and ME: Right. 
CP: You HAVE them because you purchased them BEFORE the supply interruption occurred, yes?
MICE ELF and ME: Yes. 
CP: Can you get more? No. Do you have it? Yes. Why is this so difficult phor people to understand? I bet we all have items in our pantries/garages/basements/storage units/closets we never use that, if they ever became suddenly unavailable, we could sell online to the highest bidder. But why is this concept so elusive? I have it because I rarely use it. Now that it's in demand AND not available, no one can get it. There's a difference between HAVING something and GETTING MORE. 
ME: And we all use the same suppliers. 
MICE ELF: Shhh. Now you're just asking phor trouble phrom them asses. 
CP: Again, it's THE MASSES. You know what, in this case, THEM ASSES is perfect. 


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