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Saturday, December 17, 2022

Own Your Stupid, Lady

 <7 minutes to close>
Totally Waiting All Today: Where'd the other pharmacist go?
CP: She decided to backpack across Idaho. WE haven't heard phrom her in a few months but we assume she's phine. 
TWAT: You're new here. 
CP: No. I've been here 9 months now. 
TWAT: Well you're new to me. 
CP: No. I've seen you at least half a dozen times. I've counseled you on your special order item the last 3 times you received it and the last time you were here, you came in, also 7 minutes to close, asking if I could phill 3 Rx's that you'd had for a few days to which I replied "Um, no". Oh, then we rang out your other 7 items that had accumulated over 11 days. But sure, I'm new. 
TWAT: I miss her. 
CP: Everyone does. 

<3 minutes later; now 4 minutes to close>
<phone rings>
TWAT: You gave me a prescription earlier and it was only phor 90 days. 
CP: Without a name or timeframe, I'm guessing you're the TWAT that just left. Let me check. 
TWAT: "I keep telling everybody this 30 day thing doesn't really work for me."
CP: Oh. Well if by "everybody" you mean "the pharmacy" or "the previous RPh", then you're telling the wrong people. You need to start with your office that acutally writes the Rx's. They keep sending them phor 30 days. 
TWAT: Can't you change it?
CP: If you ask me. Nicely. Before you pick up at 6 minutes to close. But you should start with the provider's office. Since, you know, they are responsible for sending you new Rx's. Start at the top. You could also, and I know this is crazy, call me before you pickup; like when you get the text, and ask "Hey, new person, is my Rx phor 30 or 90 days?" and I could phix it then before you get here. You know, take ownership of your Rx. You have only a few to remember. I cannot remember the special requests of 1000 patients and notes don't always work. Be better. Treat yourself better.  
TWAT: I guess I have to get used to the new way. 
CP: I've been here 9 months. We've been telling you this phor 9 months. That statement tells me definitively that you haven't been paying attention AND that you still think you are more important and entitled than anyone else. I can't help the other pharmacist mollycoddled you. Get off your high horse and learn YOUR Rx is YOUR responsibility. And stop coming in right at close. It's rude and I'm less likely to help you. 

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