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Friday, December 2, 2022

It Means In The Phuture

Schedule: to plan for a certain date:
Appointment: a meeting set for a specific time or place:

CP: Greetings, sir. How may I turn our conversation into a post today?
Doesn't Understand The Concept Here: <presents covid vaccine record card> 
CP: Pretty. 
DUTCH: I'd like to schedule an appointment. 
CP: <Knowing how this will go, thereby baiting> Phor?
DUTCH: A covid booster. 
CP: Okay. And which one?
DUTCH: Da Booster. 
CP: Da Bears. 
CP: Which Booster?
DUTCH: The new one. 
CP: <tired of this game already> And which day works best phor you. Phor your appointment?
DUTCH: Now. 
CP: Sorry?
DUTCH: Now. I'd like it now. 
CP: Mayhap you misunderstand the concept of both "scheduling" and "appointment". To schedule means to plan phor a phuture date. Phuture, as in not today, let alone not forthwith. Appointment is an agreed upon time in the phuture where we conduct business. You are expecting a walk in vaccine. 
DUTCH: So can you do it now?
CP: No. As you clearly expected, our covid boosters are by appointment only. Which requires scheduling. Phor the phuture. Uber Tech here will gladly assist you with this. 

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