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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

CPP: Every day I am reminded of the guy who asked: "Why didn't you call me to tell me my doctor didn't call you?".
CP: Under the heading "Stupidest Things People Have Actually Said", that's a Top 5 candidate. 
CPP: What's one of your faves?
CP: Not as noteworthy, but one that happens daily is "why didn't my doctor . . . ?" as if I know why anyone does or does not do anything. 
CPP: Do you have a story?
CP: Did Argentina lose this morning?

CP: Picking up today?
Help Understanding Needed Here: I should have two. 
CP: It appears I only have one today. 
HUNH: I requested two and you had to call the office. 
CP: I see that we did. The office renewed the one prescription but they have yet to approve the second one. 
HUNH: Why?
CP: <shrugs> Not sure. That's a question phor your doctor and the office. 
HUNH: Hunh. I requested them at the same time. 
CP: <shrugs>
HUNH: Ok. I'll take this one. 
CP: Good. Since that's the only one I have. 
HUNH: "Can you check your computer again and find out why my doctor didn't call this one in?"
CP: NO. 
HUNH: <stares blankly, dumbfounded>
CP: Say that sentence back to yourself, then think about it. I can no more tell you why he didn't approve this one than I can tell you why someone to whom you sent a text left you on "read". 
HUNH: Hunh?
CP: You go to someone's house, knock on their door, and they don't answer. This would be like you walking across the street and asking a neighbour why they didn't answer. Maybe they thought you were a Jehovah's Witness, the Land Shark, maybe they're all dead inside, maybe they weren't actually home. Who knows? Either way, I can't tell you why someone else didn't respond. Mayhap you should call the people who CAN answer that, the office, instead of giving me dirty looks. 
HUNH: You're a strange one. 
CP: And now you know why no one answered when you rang their bell and people leave you on "read". 

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