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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Not Helping

CPP: How was your weekend?
CP: Great. Except for the twat at the pediatrician's office. 
CPP: Oh? Do tell. 

CP: Hello! It's CP calling to ask if I can change this Amoxicillin 400mg Rx to something else I have in stock. I do hav. . . 
Answering Service Shite: Some pharmacies have it. 
CP: Ok. Well I just received this and it's Saturday at 2:45 and the patient is only 18 months and I . . . 
ASS: Nope. We don't change these. Some pharmacies have it and it's the parents' job to find it. 
CP: Wow. You don't care about your pediatric patients. I see how . . . 
ASS: WE DO! It is out there and parents can find it. 
CP: Okay. Which pharmacies have it?
ASS: I don't know. It's the parents' job to find it. 
CP: But it's been on backorder for months. I have some Cefdinir and Augmentin ES and. . . 
ASS: We're. Not. Changing. It. 
CP: No need to be such bitch. I'll make sure to tell mom when you she gets here that you don't care if her baby, who had to come see you Saturday afternoon, gets her medication. Some places close soon. But I guess you don't care. 
ASS: I'm calling your boss. 
CP: To say what, exactly? How you, a pediatric office twat refused to help our mutual patient? I can't wait to see how this plays out for you. <click>

CPP: Damn!
CPP: Did you just vocally orate IKR? 
CP: IDK. .
CPP: Sorry she was such a twatwaffle. We shouldn't have to deal with this shit. I can't get a part for my car. This has been going on since June. I get it. But an antibiotic for a baby?
CP: And she already made up her mind she wasn't going to help. 


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