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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Something's Wrong

First Call of the Day. . .  

CP: Welcome to the Monday-Dome!
Very Amiss Gel Needling Lady: There's no tube thing in my Metronidazole box. 
CP: Well there wouldn't be. It's the topical gel. The hard copy reads: "topical gel to apply topically". 
VAGNL: How do I get it down there. 
CP: You don't. It's a topical usually used on your face; for rosacea. 
VAGNL: If I put it on my face, how will it work down there?
CP: It won't. You need to call your doctor to send over the correction. 
VAGNL: Why didn't that pharmacist tell me? 
CP: Tell you what? 
VAGNL: This was different?
CP: We don't know why it was prescribed. We don't know why you went to the doctor. It's not from a gynecologist. It's not written to be used vaginally. There's no diagnosis code on it. This checks all of the boxes for a valid prescription. When we asked if you had questions you replied with "I've been using this for years". 
Why are the doctors let off the hook and free from blame? *
*No, it's not the fault of a lack of counseling. Please stop blaming that. Perhaps these were delivered. Maybe they were mailed. Maybe a family member retrieved them. Focus on the mistake made by the prescriber and her poor use of the e-scribing technology. Sometimes, an error by a doctor is an error by a doctor. She's not an Ob/Gyn Kenobi and this was not indicated for the Fungal in the Jungle. 

Well it's fungal, in the jungle
And it itches, twixt thine knees
Now you're cream filled, like cannoli 
So quit bitchin' if you please

(My apologies to Jethro Tull)

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