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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Does Not Phollow

CP: I like non sequitur. 
CPP: The comic, or the phrase itself?
CP: Both, actually. 
CPP: Why is this your thought phor today?
CP: This conversation:

CP: CP's Palisade of Pills where we fills refills with pills for bills. How may I help you?
I Think So For It's Near Empty: I need this refill. 
CP: I see that you are out of refills. We can phax your do. . . 
ITS FINE: That's okay. Just go ahead and fill it. 
CP: You have no refills phor me to refill, or phill. Phor that I shall phax your doc. . . 
ITS FINE: No. It's okay. Thanks. You can just fill it and I'll be over later. 
CP: Ma'am. I don't need your permission. I need your provider's authorisation. 
ITS FINE: She'll say it's fine. It's fine. I'll be by later. Thanks. <click>

CPP: She asked for a refill then gave you permission to "just fill it" after you explained there were no refills. 
CP: That is correct. 
CPP: Hence the "non sequitur". Did she come in?
CP: She did. 
CPP: Did you fill it?
CP: I did not. 
CPP: Was she surprised?
CP: She was. 
CPP: What was your reply? 
CP: The provider wrote "refill not appropriate, patient needs appointment". 
CP: Some stories have happy endings. 

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