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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

I'm Going With No

CP: Welcome to the Thunderdome! How may I battle you today?
Lady Only Making One Tougher In Life: I need to call in my refills. 
CP: We do those here. <shaking head no> Do you have the numbers?
CP: No worries. I shall look them up phor you. 
LOMOTIL: Thanks. 
CP: When did you want to come in phor these?
LOMOTIL: Oh it doesn't matter; tonight or tomorrow. 
CP: Ok. It's 2:33 right now and I will have them ready phor you any time after 4:01 today. 
LOMOTIL: Can you call me?
CP: What do you wish me to call you?
LOMOTIL: No, when they're ready. Can you call me?
CP: Do you get texts?
LOMOTIL: Sometimes. 
CP: They will be ready any time after 4:01 today. 
LOMOTIL: So you can't call?
CP: Why would I? I already told you they would be ready after 4:01 today. There is no need to call. Maybe you receive the text, maybe you don't. They will still be ready after 4:01pm today whether I call or not. When the Chinese place tells you your phood will be ready in 10-15 minutes, you don't ask them to call you. Unless you do. Do you?
LOMOTIL: No. Of course not. 
CP: That's what I thought. See you any time after 4:01 today. Or tomorrow. Which is still after 4:01 today. 

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