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Thursday, October 27, 2022

A Man Walks In To A Pharmacy. . .

CP: <at pick up window> Welcome to The Black Parade. Are you picking up today?
Man Off Street Doesn't Understand Much: <standing directly facing a large neon sign that blinks and reads "FLU SHOTS ---> Next Window> I'm here for a fu shot. 
CP: <looks at sign> Then you are in the wrong spot, my phriend. They shall take care of you at the next window. 
MOS DUM: <walks to other counter> FLU SHOT!
UT: So I heard. Please complete the paperwork and I shall bill your insurance while the pharmacist prepares your shot. Which arm do you prefer? 
MOS DUM: Don't care. 
UT: <looks at the 7 layers of clothing he is wearing> Just make sure to have one of them available phor the pharmacist. 

CP: <walks out to see MOS DUM still fully clothed> I need an arm, sir. 
MOS DUM: "WHAT? No one told me I needed to dress differently to get a flu shot! This is an outrage! I'm calling corporate to complain about you people. You should have told me before I came in that I needed to wear short sleeves or whatever." 
CP: I'm sorry, but what? You literally walked in off the street and asked phor a phlu shot. You didn't call or schedule an appointment. You are a grown ass man. How did you think we were going to administer a SHOT? You've had vaccines before so this isn't a new concept. But again, I ask, you walked in off the street and are mad because we didn't call you at home, to tell you to dress better, before you randomly decided "today's the day I'm getting a flu shot"? Is that correct? Am I hearing you correctly?
MOS DUM: This is ridiculous!
CP: I could not agree more. I bet you randomly walk in to an oil change place and ask for an oil change. . . without your car. Do you go to a restaurant and complain, when asked to pay, that no one from Burger King called you aforehand to bring some sort of payment? 


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