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Saturday, September 24, 2022

No. It's Your Phault

CP: CP's Drachm-A-Rama. How may I help you?
Nurse On Call Lecturing Using Ego: I'm calling back about a message we received the other day?
CP: Ok. What message? I don't have a note from the weekend. 
NOCLUE: No clue. I just had a message to call about this patient's Medrol Dose Pak. 
CP: Oh. Well that's not what the prescription said. It was for Medrol 4mg to take 3 tablets for 1 dose; written to dispense 3 tablets. 
NOCLUE: It was supposed to be a Dose Pak. It's the system's fault. 
CP: Well, I see here that we received 3 prescriptions for Medrol, each for the 4mg: one for 3 tablets, one for 2 tablets, and one for 1 tablet. That's not Dose Pak directions. 
NOCLUE: Yeah. Our system keeps making this mistake. 
CP: Well fortunately, our pharmacist over the weekend was smarter than you and your system and was able to correctly fill the prescription for the patient as: Medrol 4mg. Take 3 tabs (12mg) for 1 day, 2 tabs (8mg) for 1 days, then 1 tab (4mg) for 1 day. 
NOCLUE: Yes. 12, 8, and 4mg. 
CP: That's not the computer's phault, that's user error. Sometimes you have to be smarter than the software. If you keep having these issues, perhaps you need to retrain your staff and get some remedial training on the program. Many other offices use this successfully and aren't irritated when the pharmacy calls to verify the garbage you sent to us. 

UT: There's nothing worse than someone being so wrong yet so convinced of their correctness. 
CP: At least they don't suffer from their delusions. That's our lot in life. 
UT: #NoRespect 
CP: Hey, that's my line. 

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