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Monday, November 1, 2021

Play Along

CP: Thanks phor calling Phounder's Pharmacy. May I help you? 
Provider Aptly Playing Along: I would like to phone in a prescription phor my patient. 
CP: That's good. We do those here!
PAPA: Oh. When did you start that? 
CP: It's a very new trend. Covid Vaccine Specialists has gotten away from the whole prescription business so we jumped in to carry the load.
PAPA: Well at least someone is able to fill my patients' medications. 
CP: We do offer vaccines and testing and everything else as well, but we decided to get back to our roots and offer prescriptions too! Like a real pharmacy. 
PAPA: Wow. So innovative. Thanks for staying on the phorephront of healthcare. 
CP: It's more like a niche market now anymore. Pharmacy school in the phuture, based on today's world, established by Cottage Vaginal Secretions, would be a CE class: Give this test, read this result, give this vaccine. No prescriptions, no drug knowledge necessary. 
PAPA: But do it phast. 
CP: They are the pharmacy equivalent of 10-minute oil changes. 
PAPA: At least someone out here still fills prescriptions. 
CP: Someone has to be innovator.

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