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Monday, November 23, 2020


CPP: Why are you laughing so hard? 
CP: Words. 
CPP: The building blocks of communication?
CP: How the wrong word at the right moment is hysterical.
CPP: Puns and double-entendres, and innuendo, oh my?
CP: Precisely. Some words cannot be interchanged in all situations. 
CPP: Like all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares?
CP: Yes. And how, sometimes, NOT saying anything to acknowledge the error allows the situation to build. Allow me to revisit my recent conversation. 
CP: Happy Friday! How may I help you?
Nurse On Phone Explaining: I was calling to check if you received an e-script we sent for our patient. 
CP: I know she called earlier and we had not received it. 
NOPE: Well it looks like the provider sent it, but it got rejected. 
CP: Bummer. I guess that explains it. Do you wish to resend?
NOPE: She left the office already. 
CP: Oh. 
NOPE: Can I give it to you orally?
CP: <crickets>
NOPE: <crickets>
CP: uhm
CP: That's probably a better idea. A lot easier, faster, and with fewer permissions required. 
NOPE: <laughs maniacally> Now I'm embarrassed.
CP: Happy Friday!
NOPE: Thanks. You too.

CPP: Orally: "by means of or through the mouth"
         Verbally: "by means of words; spoken"
CP: Some words when spoken, can't be taken back. 

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